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a gentle dentist makes all the differenceA Gentle Dentsit Makes All the Difference

Have you ever had a less than positive experience at the dentist’s office? Countless people avoid professional dental care due to unpleasant visits and treatments they suffered through, many in childhood.

We want you to know, a gentle dentist can make all the difference!


The attributes of a gentle dentist include:

  • Giving each patient personal attention, having genuine compassion
  • Taking ample time, rather than rushing through visits
  • Getting to know patients, their preferences, and their concerns
  • Explaining treatment options, and answering questions
  • Creating an atmosphere where patients can ask questions and speak freely, in confidence
  • Regularly asking the patient if he/she is comfortable or needs anything
  • Helping patients take their minds off of treatment
  • Diligently providing comfortable local anesthetic injections
  • Offering sedation dentistry, for patients who suffer from dental anxiety
  • Expressing a soft touch during procedures and exams
  • Being cognizant of the patient’s body language

At Life Smiles, our dentists and staff hold these attributes in high regard, and we respect that your comfort is in our hands. We appreciate the trust you place in us, and we will go to every extent to make you feel confident, encouraged, and physically comfortable.

Your Visit

You’ll feel welcome the moment you walk in our doors, because you’ll immediately know that we are here to serve you, to make you feel respected and treasured. We see children and adults, treating each person in our care as if they were part of our own family.

In addition to being gentle dentists, Dr. Nielson, Dr. Schmidt, and Dr. Santoro offer many procedures, including full mouth rehabilitation, dental implant placement, oral surgery, cosmetics, and sedation dentistry. All of the dentists have a comforting chairside manner that makes patients know they can share their thoughts, concerns, and ideas before and during procedures.

If you feel uncomfortable mentally or physically in our office, please tell us so that we can help you. We offer blankets, pillows, and can certainly move your chair to make you more comfortable. For mental anxiety, ask the dentist about nitrous oxide or oral sedation to calm your nerves.

After your appointment, you will probably receive a personal call from the doctor, in the evening. This is the level of care and compassion you can expect from our entire team. When we say that we genuinely care about you, we mean it!

Patients Know We’re Gentle Dentists

“I have a mouthful of crowns and root canals. My root canal was almost comfortable!” – Marilyn

Watch and listen to more patient reviews here and here.


Our dental office is designed to make you feel comfortable. Cool earth tones, natural photography, and live plants are integral to the tranquil decor. You’ll enjoy large windows that allow natural light into the operatories, and our attentive staff will take care of your every need.

We also offer a separate consultation room, with a regular table and chairs, so we can discuss treatment planning outside of a clinical setting. Should you desire payment options, just ask. As part of our commitment to gentle, compassionate dentistry, we work with third party financing institutions that offer low- and no-interest loans to qualified applicants.

Our goal is to help you move all barriers, so you can access the dental care you need and enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Contact Us

If you need to schedule a visit or experience a dental emergency and need to be seen today, give us a call. Our Scottsdale, AZ dental office is located in a two-story medical building, at 4611 E. Shea Blvd.

We are upstairs, in suite 250. With appointments as early as 7am and as late as 6pm, we are happy to accommodate our patients’ busy schedules.