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Dentist Near Paradise Valley Mall

Dental Office Near Paradis Valley mall
At Life Smiles Dental Care we’ve gone out of our way to design a convenient, comfortable location near Paradise Valley Mall. We want to provide you with stress-free dental care that fits into your overall lifestyle.

Want to experience the difference? Take a moment to take a small virtual tour of our location!

We’re one of the most conveniently located dental offices in Scottsdale/Paradise Valley.

When we say we’re “conveniently located” we’re not just throwing out marketing buzz terms. We’re just 5 minutes away from Paradise Valley Mall, a fact that many of our patients really appreciate.

This makes it pretty easy to fit a dental visit into a day of shopping. You could grab some lunch on your way to come see us at any of the Mall’s restaurants. Perhaps you’ll pick up a gift for a kid’s birthday party before you head home for the day.

And the presence of a mall means there are a ton of other businesses in the vicinity that are very close to our location. Grocery shopping is pretty easy, for example. Costco is over by the mall. We’re also within a stone’s throw of four grocery stores: Fry’s Marketplace, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and the Paradise Valley Marketplace, all right down the street.

Of course, some of our patients don’t care about being close to the shopping at all. They’re much happier about the fact that we’re close to two of Phoenix’s most exciting golf clubs. Some of our patients like to reward themselves for making their dental visits by going and playing a few rounds before they head home for the day.

Staying on top of dental care visits is hard enough. We chose the Shea Boulevard location to make it as easy for you to fit your oral care into your lifestyle as humanly possible.

There is plenty of parking.

Our parking lot is very spacious, and in many cases you can pull right up to the front door of our offices. Don’t expect the same kind of traffic and parking troubles that you might find out at the mall. We’re close, but we’re not that close. That means you won’t have any headaches when you stop in for your appointment.
Our location is warm and welcoming.

First, you’ll step into an inviting lobby where you’ll be greeted by our smiling receptionist. After she’s gotten you checked in you’ll be able to settle into spacious, padded, comfortable chairs. Since most people read while they wait we’ve opted to provide really good lighting.

We wanted our waiting room to be cozy. Home-like, even. We know that waiting isn’t much fun, even if you’re only waiting for five minutes. We decided it didn’t have to be downright unpleasant. We’ve even chosen beautiful, interesting art work from local artists.

You’ll find our commitment to your comfort doesn’t end when you step into our exam rooms. We decided an exam room can be safe and medically sterile without looking institutional. Large windows let in a ton of natural light while giving you a rather nice view of the mountains. Our exam chairs are padded and as comfortable as we could possibly make them.

What about the procedures themselves?

To be fair, convenient locations and office interior design aren’t really on most people’s mind when they set out to choose a dentist. Most people really are far more interested in knowing what we’re doing to make sure their procedure doesn’t hurt.

Fortunately, we’ve seen to that as well. We’ve equipped our office with the latest technology. This matters because advances in dentistry tend to make any procedure less intrusive, eliminating guesswork and giving us a clear, accurate picture of what’s going on in your mouth.

All of this translates into less pain and shorter recovery times. We’ve also stocked our office with plenty of anesthetics so we’ll have them when it’s necessary to ensure you can avoid pain altogether.

Believe it or not, we definitely empathize. Even dentists don’t always enjoy having their own mouths worked on.

What about costs?

There is no sense in opening a dental office near Paradise Valley Mall if our services are going to render our patients too cash strapped to shop there. Fortunately, we’ve done all we can to make our dental services as affordable as possible.

First, we accept all major insurance plans. Scrambling to find a dentist that accepts your insurance can be a pain, but we do our best to make it easy on you.

We also accept most major credit cards so you can tackle whatever insurance doesn’t cover, paying the bill off at your leisure.

For those who don’t have dental insurance at all, we’ve got a host of affordable payment plans to choose from.
If you’ve been putting off good dental care because you’re worried about the money, then give us a call. We may have some solutions you haven’t thought of yet!

Ready to make an appointment?

If you’ve been looking for an affordable, comfortable, and welcoming dentist near Paradise Valley Mall we hope we’ve demonstrated that you’ve come to the right place. Contact us with any questions, or call us at (602) 485-3521to set an appointment. We’re here to help you attain a healthy, beautiful smile you can feel confident about sharing with the world!