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If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!


A++ in my book.

Excellent Doctor, friendly staff, clean atmosphere, and the best part is that you get to watch TV or music with headphones while you are getting your teeth cleaned. If you do not wish to watch TV or listen to music, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains.

Dr. Paul Nielson is fantastic. I have been looking for a new Dentist in the valley, one with TVs in all, and my coworker recommended Life Smiles Dental Care off Tatum and Shea. I went to Dr. Nielson for my six month routine cleaning/check up. Dr. Nielson’s staff greeted me and gave me a tour of the very clean, elegantly designed office. After an office tour, I was able to brush my teeth and get ready for my appointment. After brushing, one of the staff members brought me into a room, where she took pictures of my teeth with a digital camera and mirror.

After taking a few photos, Dr. Nielson came and introduced himself to me. He examined my teeth (told me I had very straight and white teeth for never having braces) and said that my pictures did not show any cavities! Dr. Nielson was very professional and thanked me for being a new patient.

After speaking with Dr. Nielson, one of his staff members brought me into another room where my teeth were going to be cleaned. This room had a flat screen TV in front of the window, where I was able to pick out my favorite TV show before starting. The cleaning lasted about an hour. I felt very refreshed with nice clean, white teeth afterwards. I just love going to the Dentist!

After the appointment was over, one of the staff members gave me a little package with a card showing my next appointment, along with my new toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss.

I have been recommending my friends to Dr. Nielson and they all agree that his office is truly impeccable. If you want the best customer service and great results, you have to go here. Dr. Nielson is truly the best Dentist in the Valley.

Thank you Dr. Nielson and staff and see you soon!  – Kerry Tealdi


I have been a patient of Life Smiles Dental Care for years now.  When I came to Life Smiles I was excited to make the connection with Dr. Nielson through many of my office co-workers that are his patients. Although I have healthy teeth, I have always been self conscious about my smile and the small size of my teeth.  Dr. Nielson quickly identified a few ways that he could cosmetically enhance my smile to give me the look I was wanting.  It took me nearly a year to make the decision to have veneers placed on my top 8 front teeth and I’m so happy I did.  Dr. Nielson carefully designed the look of my new smile and worked very hard to ensure that they turned out perfectly.  Through a series of appointments his staff reassured me and made me feel totally comfortable with the process.  The end result far exceeded my expectations and I now have the big beautiful smile that matches my personality.  I wouldn’t trust anyone else but Dr. Nielson and his staff to care for my teeth.

Thanks!  – Lindsay


First of all, a heartfelt thank you, Dr. Nielson. Fortunately, I somehow managed to find my way to your dental chair. It’s hard to believe how far I’ve come in 18 months— from having serious fears and phobias about dentistry to one who seeks and enjoys superior oral health.

From the first time I met with you, I felt totally comfortable and at ease. Your patience first allowed me to put my trust in you, which only grew as my treatment continued. Now, after a number of treatments which enabled me to “smile big” for my wedding, I can honestly say that you have become more than just my dentist—you’ve become a valuable friend. It’s hard to believe that the smile I see in the mirror is mine. I never thought I could look this good, or feel this good. I heartily recommend your team and your practice to anyone looking for an incredible oral health partner.  – Mike B.


Dr. Nielson,

My numbing is starting to wear off and my bite is feeling perfect!

I am overwhelmed with how fantastic they look and had to sit down and write you this note.

You are an artist, not a dentist in my eyes!  Fantastic job and thank you very much.  You and your team have made this experience so enjoyable, that I don’t have a fear of coming to see “the dentist” anymore.  For years, I would have to talk myself into it weeks before, or as you can see, not go at all.  After the first visit with you and your team, you all made me feel so welcome and your genuine concern made me at ease and I immediately trusted you on that first visit. I knew I would be safe and you were there to help me.  What an amazing job you have done changing my perception of dentists and my fantastic new upper grill, and can’t wait for you to finish your masterpiece when we take care of my bottom teeth next year.

If you ever want new testimonials for your website or etc, I would be happy to write one for you.

Thanks again Dr. Nielson.  You’re are the man!  – Shane M.


Before I received treatment for my teeth, I sure wasn’t happy with how I looked!  My teeth were yellow, crooked and you could see the numerous fillings in my teeth front to back when I smiled. Chewing was more difficult as my teeth continued to deteriorate and chip off one by one.

I had long since lost the bottom left molars before I got to Dr. Nielson’s office.  I figured as soon as I lost the rest of my teeth I was doomed to have dentures that would hurt and be useless.  Yes, I was discouraged and No, I was not happy!

I saw Dr. Neilson for the first time when I returned from church service in Thailand.  I had a filling that fell out and a cap had come off.  The first visit, I felt like Dr. Nielson cared how I felt and he cared that he could help me keep my teeth and not have to face the denture problem that I so much feared.

After a short association with Dr. Nielson, I decided that I had definitely found the dentist that cared about me, my teeth, and that he did work that he and I could be proud of.  I decided to have Dr. Nielson fix all my teeth problems.

The treatment was not painful. I did wonderfully and had absolutely no problems.

Now that the work is done, I can chew anything I want to within reason.  I have no problems, no discomfort and I LOVE the way I look.  In fact, the first time I looked in the mirror when they put on the new teeth, I cried because I looked so beautiful, well, to me I looked beautiful and I haven’t stopped smiling since!!

It was definitely worth the time and money and would recommend it to others!  Being able to eat normally, feeling so good about how I look, and not having to worry about dentures was so worth it all.  I recommend Dr. Nielson to anyone and everyone because he cares about his patients, his work, the results, and he is not happy with less than perfect.  My children are tickled about the work that was done as well.  They enjoy the big beautiful smile that I sport these days!

Thank You!!!  – Ginger P.


Four years ago I had an implant bridge placed in my mouth by Dr. Paul Nielson.  I am very pleased with the results and the efficiency of all the assistants.  His office at 4611 E. Shea is new and clean with a very efficient staff.  – Hilda G.


Dear Dr. Nielson,

When I returned home, I checked out my new tooth.  It is beautiful.  Thank you. – Helen C.


After being in the dental laboratory field for over 40 years, it is very gratifying to work with a dentist of such high standards.  During those years, I have seen great changes and advances in technology and materials.  Dr. Nielson is the forefront of these changes.

The quality of work he provides my lab allows me to produce a restoration that will please the most discriminating patient.

His practice is complimented by a very friendly and competent staff.  – Will Melendrez, Owner of Z Dental


Dr. Nielson and his staff rock! They are bringing back my smile and saving my teeth. At the same time; saving my peace of mind. Yes, I am a “dental coward.” No, I’d never go anywhere else.  – Linda M.


Dr. Nielson,

I’m a native of Phoenix and have been going to dentists in this town for forty years. I have enjoyed coming to your office a few times the last few months. I think you are the nicest dentist I’ve been to in this town over the years. I also think you have the nicest office and staff I have ever seen too. I plan on recommending you to everyone I know that is or isn’t looking for a dentist. You’re office is very cool too compared to some I have been to over the years.  – Roger S. Jr.


Thank you Paul & Kelli for your great work fixing my teeth! They are much better and I’m pain free again!! 🙂  – Steve C.


If anyone needs a good dentist, I definitely recommend Dr. Nielson! Friendly and professional staff, always timely, very small-town feel and a brand new beautiful office!  – Kirsten J.


Dr. Nielson is an excellent dentist. I had a crown put in about 20 years ago and it has been replaced 1x before due to discomfort by another dentist and had continued to cause discomfort. I had Dr. Paul put in a new one and I am, for the first time in a long time, pain free. His office is excellent and I never spend more than a couple of minutes in the wait room. He is out of network with our insurance but he completely worked it out. Overall great experience- I have been in 3 times.  – Riley P.


I have been seeing Kelli, a dental hygienist for 9 years now and Dr. Nielson since he came to Arizona. The entire staff at the Life Smiles practice is very friendly, welcoming and professional. There is a very high level of care from teeth cleaning to any dental cosmetic procedure. I have become very good friends with Dr. Nielson and his staff and it is always a pleasure seeing them. I highly recommend Life Smiles Dental Care.  – Actual patient


Dr. Nielson and his dental team are the best! Dr. Nielson has a gentle touch. He always explains what he is doing and really makes me feel comfortable. Kelli is AMAZING! I really enjoy my one hour cleanings with her. She does a great job and her fun stories keep me entertained. I can actually say I like going to the dentist!  – Actual patient


Great experience every time. They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and cared for. State of the art equipment and office, friendly knowledgeable staff.  – Actual patient


Our whole family loves going to the dentist. We feel like family. Even my 5 year old has been going for years and Kelli and Dr. Nielsen are excellent with ALL ages.  – Actual patient


My family and I have been patients of Dr. Nielson since he opened up Life Smiles in Scottsdale. He has done an excellent job with all of us and we have no complaints. I would also like to add that his support staff is great, especially his Dental Hygienist Kelli Neal, who I have seen for as long as I can remember. She actually makes it fun for me to go to the dentist 🙂  – Actual patient


Everyone was very friendly and they were very gentle with my mouth. This was the most enjoyable visit to the dentist that I’ve experienced. Overall they were amazing.  – Actual patient


I’ve been seeing Kelli for over 10 years along with Dr Nielson since he has been in AZ. Great service and staff keep us coming back.  – Actual patient


Dr Nielson and his Staff are awesome. I refered my Mother-in-Law here. She loved it. So we had to check it out too.Wonderful experience. Such a friendly and relaxing office.  – Actual patient


Dr. Nielson and the entire team at Life Smiles are excellent! They all treat me like family and Dr. Nielson is an extremely skilled Dentist.  – Actual patient


Excellent dental care. Friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere. Very pleased with everything.  – Actual patient