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Dental Implants

Dr. Paul Neilson on The Wellness Hour

Dental Implants with Paul Nielson, DDS and Randy Alvarez
Randy Alvarez dissects the subject of dental implants with our very own Dr. Paul Neilson on The Wellness Hour, by discussing why the denture is an outdated apparatus for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants have proven to be more effective, and Dr. Paul has the proof to show it!
Video Transcript

You are watching the wellness leader in medical news and information, I am Randy Alvarez. Today’s topic is what you need to know if you are considering dental implants. For this we have an expert on the topic, doctor Neilson—Dr. Neilson welcome to the program. Thank you! Alright now before we get into it, now where is your office located in Arizona? Well it is right by the phoenix Scottsdale border line o it is Tatum and shay inner section kind of in between the 51 interstate or the freeway and also the 101 freeway. Ok good and now dental implants you do more though that dental implants – stat right your office? Correct. You do everything? Absolutely. So I am a general dentist and I would say I have a little bit more focus on helping reconstruct you know peoples dental needs, dental handicaps, and that can be with cosmetic dentistry, porcelain crowns and veneers and also dental implants. But absolutely I take care of people all day long who have you know simple problems, like cavities people who have teeth that are hurting them, they need root canals, all you know a myriad of problems we take care f in the office. You have been in and around dental implants, I guess the younger dentist have now implant training? Absolutely. Is that right? Yeah. So I graduated from the university of Washington in Seattle and it is an excellent school. I was lucky enough to have my choice of dental school where to attend, and I don’t know if I ever met and to her dental student who actually worked with more dental implants in school. Than you? Yes. I actually received a number of different awards straight out of school, for dental implants. Ok. And that was actually probably the things that I found the most fun in school. So it was the patience really appreciated, you know I learnt to enjoy those opportunities when you are taking care of a patient and they finally get to throw away their partial denture, you know, we did that in school. Now we are talking about dental implants and I have seen you work by the way. Right, on you website vey natural. Very nice, are you perfectionist? Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? Yeah absolutely. I think in other words we are talking about – these don’t look like dentures by the way yes and they never should, this should all be completely invisible, unless the patient tells me – hey Dr. Neilson I want something that looks perfect I want it to be you two really white. (Laughs) my goal is to always make something look beautiful, so you receive a compliment and a lot of times when we change things, people you know loved ones, they have a hard time figuring out what exactly it is that we changed. They ask – you look younger you look better is it your hair? You know did you have you even in the sun more, what did you change? Because they can’t tell that the teeth are not the person’s natural teeth. Now of course you are a dentist and you think the smile is pretty implant. How important is it in your opinion? Absolutely critically implant. And this is something that makes me really enjoy what I do because I get to do something that makes a real difference for people, and it can be form a functionality stand point helping you eat your food and do it comfortably ad how you communicate and how you are perceived by other people. One of my favorite books randy is a book written by Dale Carnegie back in 1937. I don’t know if you have read it – how to win friends and influence people? Yeah. Really hand book on just how to get along with people, he has almost an entire chapter dedicated to your smile, and his point is – ok, is you know how you can actually control someone else’s response, to you based on your smile. And you know it is contagious if you are smiling a health warm big smile that gets mirrored back to you. I think having a great smile can improve one your health but also your relationships your business, so I think your smile is everything. Ok good so we are talking about dental implants – so the average dental implant patient especially the denture where 60 70, 70 is very young today. Yeah – in Arizona right? Correct. 80 up into their 90s are getting dental implants. Yeah. You say there is alo of these people out there. We talked on the phone that pick a denture and they cover it they don’t smile? Yeah. They look grumpy. Mhmm. You know I have run into this all the time, people complain about their dentures, especially partial dentures too – they hate that there are clasps, attaching to the other teeth you know they really don’t chew all that great, they move around food gets stuck underneath them, they need to be realigned you know, to be honest Randy I love dental implants – I kind of hate dentures. Ok (laughs) so no more dentures I that the future by the way? There’s no question absolutely that is where we are going. And then the dentures will be what – sorry I don’t want to put words in your mouth but like they will be fastened on to dental implants in the future? That is correct. Well I think they are going to be fixed and we can go over cases and I brought some. That means they don’t come in and out? No I think that is going to be centuries ago. You know in some ways I can’t believe that we are still doing it today – dentures? Well removable dentures. Oh okay. Yeah – what I was where I was going where I was saying – I don’t even like doing standard dentures. I can make them look beautiful randy I can do an excellent smile with you know making a denture for someone. But the problem is I just can’t make it stay in place all that well, I do my best, you know my initials are DDS they are not GOD you know. I can’t- you know makes those dentures stay in place because really all that holds in a lower denture, is gravity. There’s a little bit of suction but mostly our lounges are doing its best to move it around when we eat, you know the foods moving in a round and so dentures – people just are not satisfied with them, even when they are done well. Is it true by the way, you know not to interrupt – but yeah 2 dental implants from a denture wear can give them a set of bottom teeth that will snap in snap out? No more glue things like that? Yes is that true I that accurate? Absolutely yeah in fact I have got a model here if you want to take a look at it – let’s take a look. So this is an example of a snap in denture and so you can try to remove it. I will try not to exaggerate but I think my hands are a little greasy – is this accurate by the way how – completely yeah. So obviously that is a plastic model. Let me see you do it. Yeah you know what I even had a hard time removing this, okay. So you can – interesting! Yeah you can see how tight they are. So 2 implants and that is a lower jaw right there? this is a model of a lower jaw yes, and so you have just 2 implants here and you can see how small these protrude above the gum line and then the denture just has a couple of little clasps inside these are actually – let me see that. Ok they are actually kind of plastic housing in there and then they snap on to this. Now what about the rear though, does the rear kind of popup a little bit? Well I think this is an accurate example and that would – if you look at it, there is not too much play here. So no it does not have to rotate a lot. So 2 implants and you can eat whatever you want? Absolutely. These just 2 implants can make a huge difference for patients. You know I aurally have a story about doing 2 implants for a patients so I had a patient and his name was Larry and probably in his 70s when he came to see e. he had dentures from the time that I knew him, and most of the time he would come into the office, h would be asking more, and asking for a refill of a prescription, a mouth rinse that helped numb his gums, beaks they bothered him all the time, he developed sores and he needed my assistant Heidi to be continuously adjusting his lower denture he told me one time, that his lower denture he was at a friend’s house and I told you he liked to laugh a lot. Okay he was by the pool and as he was laughing and speaking, his lower denture popped out and actually fell into the pool, and so finally we were able to talk to Larry and just placing 2 implants like what we just looked at and he had been concerned surprisingly enough surprising enough he had been concerned with the cost of dental implants. We made it real affordable for him, and so we got him into a payment plan and we placed the 2 dental implants and it was a very fun appointment. When we finally got that denture to snap into the impacts. Really the process – so 2 impacts again – sorry to say this, snaps in snaps out. Correct. Ok, really quit tightly so, and the process does not take long, you know once the teeth are missing we are done in about 3 months. When this is all said and done is this one of those things where they say I wish I would have done this years ago? Absolutely. Do they tell you that? Yeah you know the best time to do this is when you are losing your teeth, when you know you are going to lose teeth, that is the best time to do it. You know walking around with dentures Randy is like being stuck in a wheel chair you know it might not hurt to wear dentures, but it is a serious handicap and what I find this to be so exciting is that it is almost like restoring sight to the blind and helping somebody get out of a wheel chair. You think that is an overstatement though? A little bit? You know not according to my patients. Think how much Randy you use your teeth, seriously. Alright ok, every time you are talking to someone every time you eat, this is something that is with you all day long, every day for the rest of your life, and that is another thing that is amazing about dental implants. You know they don’t get cavities. They don’t need root canals, they don’t get sensitive to hot and cold, this is something that can potentially be a lifelong change. Ok there has got to be a couple of 1000s, 1000s of people wearing dentures in Arizona? Yeah – Scottsdale. You know I imagine it has got to be even probably even 10s of 1000s of people. Ok if it is as good as you say it is, why are they all not doing it? Why aren’t the denture wearers coming in and saying okay give me 2 implants snap in snap out no more adhesive. Yeah – what is your take on that? Yeah I think it is because they don’t know how good it is. Or you know they just adapted to their current situation, in my mind it comes down to really a lack of knowledge. Because what they don’t go to the dentist? Right? Yeah these people who have no teeth, you are absolutely right Randy – if you have no teeth they are probably thinking why would I go to the dentist? And if they don’t go to the dentist they don’t know about the current advancements, and that is one thing one reason I am so excited to be on your show today- ok. Is to be able to help more people to understand what we can do for them, because we can do an incredible amount with dental implants. So I mean do you  think though, we have talked and if there was a trying period on a Friday for these denture wearers and nobody can go back to the loose fitting denture. Yeah do you believe that? Absolutely. You know what? I absolutely care about my patients and I want everyone to be satisfied I have a written warranty for all the procedures I do. And it ranges anywhere from 2 years for a white filing, to 8 years for dental implants. We expect dental implants to last a life time. And you know beyond that too I have kind of an unspoken money back guarantee. Or I shod say, you know satisfaction guarantee – we really want people to be satisfied with the work that I do. I have never had anybody ever say they weren’t satisfied with nay dental implant. Ok so back to my original question about that – right. Why they are not all doing it – okay so 2 implants snap in snap out, but what are the other reason why they don’t do it- yeah I think the main reason is that they are just not ware. They are not aware of what is available and how great it is going to be to have it done. You know denture wearers they don’t go to the dentist regularly. So they don’t so they are not aware of the current techniques and it is just 2 implants that we spoke about – it can dramatically change how you speak and how you feel and what you can eat. Pain is not something they complain about? Absolutely not – and you know 1  I think there is a big misconception around dental implants and pain and I thought about it a lot and I think it has to do with our natural teeth and I think our natural teeth can create a lot of pain.  There are a lot of nerve fibers around the roots of our teeth that secure our teeth to our jaw and also inside our teeth. Dental implants there is obviously no nerves inside the dental implant no nerves connecting it to the jaw bone. So when a dental implant is placed very comfortable and while it is in your jaw it is very comfortable in fact I wanted to show you actually this is actually a dental implant right here. Very small you can hardly see it. It is smaller than your – the bone doesn’t have feeling anyway right? No. it does not. So you brought some photos for the sake of time I know you brought a lot of photos to show me so what are we looking at? Great yeah I have all sort of different classes of people and here is one example of a lady who was missing some lower back teeth, and she had you know some definitely cosmetic problems with her upper front teeth, so this patient Ginger she had a lower partial denture she had worn it for years and decades and she told me it was an absolute disaster. She took it out to eat and she didn’t know why she even had it done multiple times, and when she came to me she wanted a comprehensive solution so she looked better and to get rid of that partial. Ok. So here is what her options were – in her case it was either to continue to have a partial denture you know try to make it better or it was time to place some dental implants and do something secure. Something that did not or was not removable like what her natural teeth were and in her particular case, she had corked teeth so were straightened those our quickly we restored her reining healthy teeth with veneers and crowns and then we replaced those lower teeth with dental implants so she had no more partials and she had a beautiful looking smile, and if you look at the picture – very nice! You will see that she is smiling so much bigger in the After picture. So the upper that is veneers and then she was missing a bunch of teeth on the lower. Yeah and you filled those in with dental implants. Correct, ok. In fact one thing you might notice in her particular case you know if you look at the picture her case was a lot of fun. When we actually placed her temporary you know veneers, temporary crowns, she actually started to cry. Really? If she had never seen herself looking that good before. She never thought it was even possible. I can continued to see her every 6 months just for her regular checkups and she told me she was amazed that this made such a big difference in her life and she was amazed how big of a difference it made for her, and every time she looks in the mirror she is glad she had this done, and you know if you look at her smile, you will see that she is smiling bigger, but her smile is also wider, it follows her lower lip line, nobody would ever know that these aren’t the teeth hat she was born with. Randy let me show you this next patient. This is a gentleman here who had a lot of old dentistry in his mouth. You can see he recently also a couple of upper teeth and he had some really large lower bridges, all of his lower back teeth were connected to some bridges that anchored in the back and those back teeth they had to go. Okay. So all he was going to be left with now were just his lower front teeth and so his choice was do we try to save those lower front teeth and just do implants in the back, do we do something removable, he could not do another dental bridge – there were o god teeth in the back to anchor to, so in his case what we looked at doing was doing an immediate lower denture anchored by implants so what that means randy is when those bad lower teeth came out we put new teeth immediately the same day. And that way it was an amazing process. So how many implants by the way to give someone a fine set of teeth on the bottom. In this particular case it was 6 implants, and that was affixed denture that he doesn’t remove – she had completely like natural teeth. However in some cases you can do it in as low as 4 implants and do something fixed. It just really depends on how much pressure you are putting on the teeth and how strong the bone is. Well let’s take a look at this after. Well so you can take a peak so this is something that made him look 10 years younger. He smiles bigger. This gentleman is actually a big singer. He travels a lot and he has a great time performing for people. He was amazed when we placed these implants, he felt great the next day. He told us – he actually had more energy after the procedure than before and I think it was because he was comfortable afterwards and maybe he slept great due to the medication. Ok (laughs) but this is a person that instead of having a denture, he gets a fixed set of teeth that don’t come in and out and the upper look like what veneers, and what did you do to the upper? His upper teeth for the most part were sound except for the back teeth so we did have to do a single important on his upper left. In other words we have replaced his old crowns with some new more cosmetic porcelain crowns. And you asked me earlier Randy how important is a smile – I mean if you take a peek at this gentlemen, the before and after is incredible. You know, and how comfortable he feels being in front of people, performing in front of other people – I mean there is just no question. You know there is also a level of sophistication this guy has from an older dingy smile to like a youthful smile. Absolutely. This gentleman would not you know he was in his 70 when he came to see us. He gets to enjoy these teeth for decades. And he should not need any density for years and years. Let me show you this next patient. Here is a woman randy who came to my office in her 40s, newly married, and has been having teeth problems hr. entire life. And we took a good look at her evaluated her options and her teeth had to go. All those teeth you see in the picture they were sensitive they had problems they had to be removed. Her options are – dos she do a denture in her 40s or does she do dental implants – something fixed. Something that doesn’t cover the roof of her mouth. In her case we decide to o dental implants – and this was a wonderful situation. Ok. In that we were able to remove those painful sensitive teeth and give her new teeth immediately. She has never been without upper teeth ever. Is that common though? People in tier 40s that need dentures? It is common – really? This does happen in their 40s 50s 60s – anybody is too young to be wearing dentures I don’t care Randy if you are in your 80s you are too young to be wearing dentures. There is a better alternative. Okay – let me show you her after. Wow very nice okay – now which looks good that is a pretty smile. Absolutely. And that is implant dentistry. It can be done beautifully and you know that is a beautiful smile – that is also a smile that hews just like natural teeth. Just like she was when she was in her 20s and 30s. And so it doesn’t come in and out, and she could have been wearing a denture right? You mean something that comes out of her mouth – something that is loose absolutely! Okay so in her case – 6 dental implants she gets a full set of teeth. Yep we restored all of her upper teeth and the 6 dental implants. What about the maintenance? And thing like that? Very straight forward – just like natural teeth. Brushing 2 a day, flossing once a day, coming to see us every 6 months. Okay so what does she say about all that once it is done? She was amazed, she didn’t even know this was an option, when we first spoke to her, but she has been thrilled. She went from disliking the dentist, to enjoying coming to her office. Let me show you this next one Randy. There are a lot of people just like this. Ok – this gentleman came to us with those teeth. Wow. And he was embarrassed by his teeth; he really let them go too long. Randy I want to let you know in our office we never judge we never scold anyone, we are just happy when people call us and – so people are embarrassed though? they are embarrassed because they let this go really too long, however Randy there is not a better time than now to fix this problem. Ok and we are never going to scold anyone, we are never going to judge anyone and we are just happy to be part of the solution. Now did they see you for dental implants or did they say I am going to have to get dentures? You know when this gentleman Dale came to see m he really didn’t know what his options were. Okay and we discussed you know traditional dentures with no implants, but the clear choice was to do at least 2 dental implants so in his case what we did was here is a picture of dale now. Ok looks like a happy guy – yes. So we did a full upper denture. So he is possibly in his 80s or so? 70s 80s – ok. Yeah and we did 2 implants on the lower for a snap in denture, it has made a world of difference for him, both in his appearance and also his ability to chew. He could not chew with those teeth before. Now he can eat and chew he does not have those loose teeth those painful teeth, he only had a couple of teeth that fit together that could chew now he has got a whole mouthful of teeth that can chew comfortably the lower denture is fixed in place – wonderful solution for him. Let me show you this next case here – so this is a gentleman here too that also had let his teeth go too long, he had some health issues and for whatever reason had put off his teeth. So those teeth had to go as well? Yeah he had a number of teeth in the back – that had to go. His front teeth had a lot of cavities alto of problems so his case replaced 2 dental implants on each side, one dental implant on the bottom, and fixed all of the other teeth with porcelain crowns. Here is his after result. When we gave him – very nice! When we gave him that smile he was emotional as well. He never thought after having crooked painful teeth his entire life that he could ever have a smile like that. That is a pretty healthy smile too by the way. I did that case 4 years ago Randy and I have continued to see that gentleman, regularly. Again when you do this kind of work – this sort of comprehensive dental work you don’t need dentistry every time you come in. going to the dentist now is more fun. Okay! Because you know what makes going to the dentist a dread is when you always have problems. There is always ore work to be done. When we do something comprehensive with dental implants these are things that don need so much maintenance. They don’t need work every year. You can go year and years without continued dental work, we just need to maintain them just like natural teeth. I talked to Garry in your office he says people love coming to this place. Yeah we are a different kind of an office you know but I hear a lot of that because we have different people come on the show and everybody likes to say we have the best staff and things like that – but do you feel that way? That you guys are a different kind of an office? Well yes augustly – you know one reason that I got into dentistry in the first place is that I enjoy seeing people regularly it is a fun thing to catch up with people, and you know when you have a healthy smile yeah coming to the dentist is an enjoyable expertise. Okay as a recap by the way we are out of time. Okay so for the denture you say they benefit the most and there is thousands of denture wears in Arizona that just don’t know their options. Yes  – okay give me a recap okay so 2 dental implants they get what. 2 dental implants – now you can go from a loose denture one that you are trying to hold in with adhesive, one that moves around when you chew when you get food stuck underneath it now you can do something that is fixed in place, you can speak better you can chew better, and that is a very affordable option. Now you can move into adding more implants, okay and you can do something that snaps in the back. That especially works well for upper dentures. How may implants for that – just 4 implants now you can start getting rid of the plastic on top of your mouth. Taste better, and now you can get into more implants would be 6 implants. Now you have almost a bridge of teeth kind of like a horse shoe that is fixed in place does not have to come out. so 6 implants you know a complete set of teeth? Absolutely. Full teeth? Yeah and like we looked at with previous cases, this is life changing dentistry, and this is a lot of fun to be able to provide this level of dentistry for patients. You know it is like truing the clock back decades Randy making the choice to be able to loo, to be able to feel to be able to chew like when you were in your 30s. With 6 dental implants we can do that for people. You have team at your office – it works wonderful Randy – I do the prosthetics, the giving back the teeth to patients, and then I have another dentist who places the implants. Ok. Together we work as a team. So under one roof? Yea absolutely so as the general dentist I am kind of the quarter back in this situation, ok. Ok – I do the diagnosis the planning how many implants we are going to need, then I bring in another dentist who does an excellent job at placing implants. The surgical part? Yes absolutely. And so I am there for the surgical apart to make sure that the teeth are going to work on the implants that we placed and he places the implants – he does an excellent job. Final message – someone watching this – yeah. And they are still afraid and are a denture wearer. Ok, the last thing they want to do is go to the dentist. What do you say to them? I say that they don’t know what they are missing. This is an amazing opportunity for them. They have adapted to their current situation three is so much more viable. Dental impacts can change their life. People don’t know how good it is until they experience it – you know I am so excited to meet new people, have people come into the office and realize what we can do for them, which is 2 implants it is affordable for anyone, and it can change people’s lives. So you do the consult – how soon before ethyl find out whether or not, they can even do it? Or they are a candidate? The first visit. We can find out the status of their teeth, we have an x-ray machine in our office where we can take a look at all their jaws, top and bottom, take a look to how much bone they have available where we can place the dental implants  and we can discuss if a candidate for 2 implants, 4 implants 6 implants, and we can talk to them about cost options, and – okay! Good! And it doesn’t hurt? That is not sorting that they complain about you say? Absolutely not. An 80 year old could get dental implants? 80 year olds should get dental implants. They should get dental implants. Yes – okay well thank you for coming to the show very interesting! Thanks Randy! You have been watching the Wellness Hour; Leader in Medical News and Information – I am Randy Alvarez. If you would like to see this interview again online, visit our website at wellness for now I wish you good health. Thanks for watching the wellness hour

A missing tooth is more than a cosmetic annoyance. The gaps created by missing teeth can invite bacteria and infection, can compromise a patient’s ability to eat and speak correctly, and can allow adjacent teeth to shift their positioning. If you are missing a tooth or teeth, it is important to fill the gap to prevent further damage to your mouth.

Whether it is to replace a single tooth, or to create a full mouth of secure permanent new teeth, implants are a proven, long lasting alternative to bridges and dentures. In fact, a dental implant could very well last a lifetime because it is impervious to cavities! Acting as substitute roots, dental implants bond with the bone to form a stable foundation for permanent replacement teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth.

Dr. Nielson and Dr. Schmidt have additional experience and up-to-date training with virtually all implant systems and prosthetic treatment options. Taking care of patients in need of dental implants is one of their favorite treatments. Both doctors are so confident in their ability to create a successful result that they created a limited warranty for their implant work with coverage for eight years!

From start to finish, it is a simple process to receive a dental implant at Life Smiles Dental Care. In most cases, tooth removal, bone grafting, and implant surgery can be completed at our office without the need to visit a second office. While surgically placing a titanium implant into the jaw sounds like it would be considered major surgery, dental implant surgery is simple and relatively painless. Most patients never miss a day of work after implant surgery. Our surgical results are consistent, predictable, and exceptional. When the implant is ready to be restored with a permanent porcelain crown, Dr. Nielson and Dr. Schmidt have created special relationships with specific, highly-trained laboratory technicians to help them create a final product that is strong, chews comfortably, does not collect food around it, and looks natural.

If you think dental implants may be right for you, please call us at (602) 786-5484 today and receive a free consultation.


Example #1:

PATIENT HISTORY:  Terah was 23 years old when she was referred to our office. She recently completed orthodontics and was congenitally (from birth) missing a front tooth.  Her smile was restored with bone grafting, a single implant, a white custom abutment and a porcelain crown.


Best dental implant treatment in Phoenix , AZ before image of a patient


Best dental implant treatment in Phoenix , AZ after image of a patient

Example #2:

PATIENT HISTORY: Vincent never grew his two side front teeth (lateral incisors). He completed orthodontics to line up his teeth and to make the spaces the same size. His smile was restored with bone grafting, two single implants, two custom abutments and two porcelain crowns. Note the way the gum tissue adapts naturally around the implant crowns — this takes unusual skill to create such a natural result.


Best dental implant treatment before image of a patient Phoenix , AZ


Implant After 02


Before the tooth restoration with implant actual patient imagePhoenix , AZ


Implant After 03

Example #3:

PATIENT HISTORY: Joe had lost his lower left first molar due to a fractured root. He replaced the tooth with an implant utilizing a titanium custom abutment and a porcelain crown.


Implant Before 04


Implant After 04


Example #1:

PATIENT HISTORY: Hilda was referred to our office by Dr. Rabot, an oral surgeon. She had lost some teeth and Dr. Rabot had placed three dental implants (the artificial roots). Hilda’s function was replaced with an implant bridge (Rt), a single implant crown (Lt), and composite fillings in the front two teeth.


Implant Before 05


Implant Before 06


Implant After 05

Example #2:

PATIENT HISTORY: Ginger had an old metal partial denture that replaced her lower left molars. She was never comfortable with the partial and often ate without it in. Her concerns were addressed by adding two implant teeth on the lower left. She also received porcelain crowns and veneers to give her a beautiful, youthful smile.

Denture Before After 01

Example #3:

PATIENT HISTORY: Mike had avoided dental care for years due to other health problems. He had numerous cavities and needed to have some teeth replaced with three implants and a bridge. His front teeth needed crowns due to large cavities. Mike was amazed how his missing teeth could be restored and his smile cosmetically improved at the same time!

Implant Before After 06


Example #1:

PATIENT HISTORY: Dale was referred to our office by his daughter, Debra. He was missing many teeth already and the teeth he still had were in poor condition due to cavities and gum disease. He received complete upper and lower dentures the same day that the teeth were removed. The lower denture was stabilized with two implants.


Implant Before 07


Implant Before 07


Implant After 07


Example #1:

PATIENT HISTORY: This patient had long, old bridges that replaced all his lower back teeth. Eventually the anchor teeth developed gum disease and the old bridges had to be removed. A complete lower implant “hybrid” denture was made to replace all the lower teeth. This patient NEVER was without a FIXED set of lower teeth.

Hybrid Denture Before
Hybrid Denture After 01
Hybrid Denture After 02

Example #2:

PATIENT HISTORY: This patient had suffered with dental problems her whole life. She was missing many teeth already and had been replacing the missing teeth with flimsy partial dentures. She required that all the upper teeth be removed and all the lower back teeth. She replaced the upper teeth with a fixed “hybrid” denture and the lower back teeth with fixed implant crowns.

Hybrid Denture Before After 02


Whether from disease, malnutrition, or genetic disorders, sometimes it is necessary for us to extract all of a patient’s lower or upper teeth. While this can be devastating, dentures can provide a second chance at a beautiful smile.

Having complete dentures help with chewing as well as support one’s facial structure and improve speech. With immediate dentures, you can have a full set of teeth while you are waiting for your gums to heal and your bone to realign after having teeth removed. This can take up to six months, so immediate dentures are a great alternative during that time.

Sometimes, complete dentures are not necessary. Partial dentures can replace a string of missing teeth, and are secured to your remaining teeth with clasps.

No matter which kind of dentures you choose, you can be assured to receive natural-looking dentures that match your facial structure and desired tooth color.

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Dr. Paul Nielson, DDS, MAGD earned a zoology degree from Brigham Young University before completing dental studies at University of Washington, Seattle. He has practiced dentistry for over a decade, and has followed continuing education to exceed the state’s licensing requirements. He’s a Master in the Academy of General Dentistry and holds membership in many professional associations. He’s especially interested in implant, cosmetic and sedation dentistry; and full mouth rehabilitation.
Dr. Timothy Schmidt, DMD, FAGD studied in Utah and Oregon, before serving at University of Washington School of Dentistry as an affiliate instructor. Then he returned to Arizona to serve his local community. As a member of several prestigious dental organizations, he aims to provide comfortable treatments delivering natural-looking and long-lasting results. He aims to raise dental healthcare standards through ongoing education, new technologies and by listening to patients’ concerns.
Dr. Jared Bishop earned his undergraduate degree at Brigham Young University in Utah, after which he completed his dental school training at Midwestern University in Glendale. Having completed a 1 year residency, Dr. Bishop was also honored to practice dentistry in the U.S. Army for 5 years. As a member of the Academy of General Dentistry, the American Dental Association, and the Arizona Dental Association, Dr. Bishop keeps up with current dental technology, techniques, and materials to provide his patients with the highest standard of care.

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