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Phoenix residents have many options in periodontal treatments

Healthy gums complement your smile and support whole body wellness. Yet, gum disease is extremely prevalent in this country, and easily ignored. Patients from Phoenix and far beyond come to Life Smiles Dental Care for options in periodontal treatments.

Importance of periodontal care

Gum disease is a leading cause of adult tooth loss, and it can start at any age. It causes chronic bad breath and receding soft tissues that contribute to tooth decay at the gum line. Gum disease triggers inflammation and infection that deteriorates connective tissues that anchor teeth. As gums are compromised, harmful bacteria enter the body. These organisms are linked to systemic inflammation, diabetes, cardiovascular disease (increased risk of stroke and heart attack), Alzheimer’s disease, preterm births, and more.

An excellent routine of daily oral hygiene, regular cleaning and exam appointments, and professional periodontal care, as needed, is essential.

Treatment options

  • Ultrasonic scaling and root planing – With this nonsurgical technique, we gently remove plaque and hardened tartar beneath the gum line. Smoothing rough root surfaces helps gums re-establish a healthy seal. This treatment may reverse gingivitis, early stage gum disease.
  • When the condition has advanced, pockets develop between gum tissue and teeth. A pocket depth reduction procedure may be needed. The doctor retracts gum tissue to eliminate bacteria, plaque, and tartar. Diseased tissue is removed, and incisions are sutured for faster healing.
  • Bone graft – When periodontal disease shrinks bone mass, it can be supplemented with grafting. New bone growth supports facial features and may make dental implants possible in the future.
  • Guided bone and tissue regeneration – This technique uses a fibrin membrane to stimulate regrowth of bone tissue (ridge augmentation), or improvement in gingival (soft) tissue.
  • Soft tissue graft – For severe cases of gum recession, tissue is taken from a healthy area of the mouth and stitched to gums. It covers exposed root structure, reducing sensitivity and the risk of decay.

Gum disease is a quality of life issue. The doctors at Life Smiles Dental Care are here to help with personalized periodontal treatments. Call (602) 786-5484 for an appointment in Phoenix.

Success Story

Brittany B.

Love going to Life Smiles. Everyone there is very friendly. That’s why I always refer here when I get asked where one should go. And they’ve all come back with how much they loved it as well.

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