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  • K
    Kelsey L.

    Dr. Schmidt is one of THE nicest people you will ever meet. The way he treats his staff and his patients demonstrates the kind of person he is. Everyone in the office has incredible interpersonal skills as well as a very professional and respectful approach. I brought my almost 3 year old for his very first dentist appointment, and it seriously could not have gone any better. The staff made him feel so comfortable that he let the hygienist do the full cleaning AND x-rays. In fact, when I went back to get my own teeth cleaned my toddler was very upset because he wanted his teeth cleaned again. Having a toddler that gets excited to go to the dentist makes any drive worth it.

    I was apprehensive regarding my own visit, as I had to bring my toddler and 8 month old, but once again things went so smoothly. I never once felt like a disruption or inconvenience. Instead, everyone kept telling me that we would make it work, and the whole staff willingly jumped in to help entertain my kids during my 1 1/2 hour visit. That kind of atmosphere speaks volumes about the people who work here and the quality of care they strive to provide. I left the office feeling cared for, respected, and valued. I’ve never been so satisfied after a dentist appointment! I I give my highest recommendation for LifeSmiles!
  • C
    Colleen B.
    Everything you need in dental care! Dr. Paul and the entire staff makes you feel comfortable and don’t pressure you to get any extras and work with your budget. I have lots of anxiety but it went so smoothly and quickly that I was happily surprised! Meg is very welcoming as soon as you walk in. I highly recommend this practice!!
  • P
    Pete K.
    These guys are out of this world! Where else can you find incredible professionalism, unbelievable friendliness, and quality caring throughout an entire company organization? Like so many of us, I have never enjoyed going to the dentist. The ENTIRE STAFF makes me feel at ease, comfortable with the care I’m getting, and downright appreciated BOTH as a patient and as a fellow human being. Let’s face it — nobody says, “Wow, I get to go to the dentist today!” Well, this group does everything they can to make you ALMOST want to say that. These people are truly caring and sincere individuals!
  • M
    Mel M.
    The office staff is super nice always welcoming. They are pretty much on time for each of the appointments that I have had. The cleanings are great and anxiety free for me which is huge. I need some more extensive work done and with my insurance the rates are pretty good for the crown and for a filling to be redone. I even got an estimate for an implant and even that was great so I’m planning on that for next year… I have been in Arizona for 20 years and this is the first dental office I have actually loved!!!
  • A
    Ann T.

    It was my first time to their office. Everyone was amazing! I will be proud to call this my new dental home! Dr Schmidt was awesome and very patient. He helped me with suggestions for future dental work! I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a dentist!

  • V
    Vincent P.
    We had a great experience at Life Smiles. I recently “fired” my old dentist because the staff seemed really pushy about dental work and wasn’t very friendly. The staff at Life Smiles was amazing. Everyone was friendly and we didn’t have to wait long. The office is also very nice. We are excited for our new dentist.
  • R
    Rachel T.
    Everyone is so kind and helpful, and I appreciated that I never feel pressured to do any work that isn’t necessary. I trust that when they say something needs to be addressed, it really does.
  • G
    Gary L.

    I usually pass on filling out surveys, much less giving 10 out of 10…..but Life Smiles Dental is special. My family has been going to Life Smiles for over 10 years…we never have to wait, the front office staff is exceptional, the office is state of the art, Dr. Nielson and Dr. Schmidt are excellent dentists who go out of their way to make their patients comfortable. The difference maker for my family is our hygienist Kelli…. Kelli is like family, she makes everyone who sits in her chair feel special. She genuinely cares about all of her patients, well beyond just their teeth (and in case you were wondering, she’s an awesome hygienist).

    My children actually look forward to going to the Dentist…to see Kelli (and Dr. Nielson, too). How many people can say that about a dental visit. My youngest was petrified to go to the dentist… he looks forward to another visit with “Dentist Kelli”, as he refers to her. If I could give Life Smiles an 11, I would… they consistently go above and beyond (especially Kelli)
  • K
    Kayla C.
    Dr. Nielson and his staff are truly kind and caring. They know I need before I make it to the treatment chair. The last time I was there, they even had headphones ready for me because they know I like to listen to music while having my teeth worked on.
  • S
    Susan g.
    Hands down best dental practice I’ve ever been to. Staff is professional and friendly and Dr. Nielson is just fantastic. I have been to several dentists between CT and AZ and he is by far the best when it comes to his craft. He repaired a chip in my front tooth and you could never tell there was any work done. SO happy with it. I also had a pretty deep filling and it was the easiest filling I’ve ever had. The shot didn’t hurt, I wasn’t over numbed and my tooth feels great. He definitely has a gift! He’s also has great bedside manner, especially to a spaz like myself 🙂
  • E
    Eric M.
    Great experience.
    I have had several dentists and none have been able to get everything right the way that Life Smiles does. They excel at making the dental visit experience as seamless as possible, e.g. minimal wait time, easy scheduling, ability to explain technical dental situations in common terms, making sure the patient is comfortable, a room to freshen up and brush teeth if you don’t have a chance to do so beforehand, cocoa butter to help lips not dry out during cleaning. Thanks Dr. Nielson
  • V
    Veronica T.
    Always patient and helpful staff. Always a positive experience with hygenists and dentist.
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The Power of Staying Connected with Dental Patients

In all I do, I want to be genuine and hold my work to the highest standard.

When people come in, I just want them to have a good experience and my team is aware of this. We are mindful of people and making them just genuinely have a good experience.

We just genuinely want to be good to people and I realize that in my career, my life that if you just be good to people eventually the world catches on and discovers who you are and how you treat people. Also, what level of dentistry you could provide.

The one thing I am proud of in our office is the feedback and the reviews we receive online. I think that is a testament of how we treat people and what level of dentistry we can provide.
One thing I know that patients appreciate is just staying connected.

My personal mobile phone number is on our machine and I’ll make an evening or next day phone calls just to check in with folks. If somebody had a big treatment done or even if they were simply nervous about coming in. It goes a long way if I personally make a call or sometimes send a text to just check in with people. I know that it is something they appreciate.

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