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Dentists in Phoenix, AZ describe the purpose of a single tooth implant

The staff of Life Smiles Dental Care often urge patients to consider dental implants.

When patients visit Life Smiles Dental Care with issues such as a single missing tooth, they are often excited to learn that the dentists in Phoenix, AZ have several different options for patients to consider. The purpose of having a selection of treatments is to allow patients to choose what is appropriate for their smiles. Missing teeth can be replaced via various methods, including:

All these options work for replacing a single tooth, but the one that stands out as one of the most favorable solutions is the dental implant.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a versatile restoration fabricated from titanium. Titanium is used in many types of implants in the medical field because the metal is biocompatible with the body. The implant resembles a tiny screw, and it is placed into the bone of the jaw during oral surgery. Once this has been completed, the body’s natural response is to stimulate a process called osseointegration. This is the bone fusing to the implant to hold it firmly in place. After this happens, the dental implant can be restored. Restoration depends on how many teeth the patient is replacing.

Restoration options for dental implants

  • Single tooth – a dental implant may be used to replace a single tooth. A dental crown is fabricated to fit over the abutment of the dental implant to act as a single tooth replacement.
  • Multiple teeth – sometimes, a dental implant may be used as an anchor for a dental bridge when missing one or more adjacent teeth. Dental implants act as roots for which the crown of the bridge can be bonded over.
  • All teeth – patients who have full dentures but are unhappy with how well they sit in the smile may want to learn about implant-supported dentures. These are dentures that are fabricated to fit over approximately four implants along the dental arch for optimum stability and strength.
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Why choose dental implants for single tooth replacement?

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While there are several tooth restoration solutions for patients to consider in Phoenix, AZ, the staff of Life Smiles Dental Care often urge patients to consider dental implants. They have several benefits that cannot be surpassed by any other option. For example, dental implants are a stand-alone restoration that does not rely on existing teeth in the way a partial denture or a dental bridge does. Dental implants maintain bone structure, which can be lost with alternative methods. Additionally, a dental implant is permanent and can last a lifetime when patients maintain their routine visits to the dentist and continue to brush and floss after every meal. This makes it a wise investment for our patients, even though it is one of the costliest solutions for patients to consider. Dental implants are a no fuss, no muss way of addressing missing teeth as they do not require any special care or attention when compared to alternative methods. However, they do need to be evaluated regularly by a dentist. Therefore, patients should undergo evaluations and cleanings at their dentist office every six months. This gives the dentists the chance to monitor the implant to ensure they are safely in place and performing as expected.

Purpose of implants

The primary purpose of a dental implant is to act as a tooth root replacement. Beyond that, it can provide an anchor for restorations such as dental bridges and dentures when patients need extra support.

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Dental implants are incredibly versatile and can be used to replace one or more teeth. If you have thought about using dental implants to achieve the smile of your dreams, we welcome you to book a consultation visit with our team and discuss your options. We welcome new patients in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas to visit our practice in Suite 250 at 4611 E. Shea Boulevard.

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