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Phoenix, AZ dental team offers different types of hybrid dental implants to restore smiles

Hybrid Dental Implants in Phoenix AZ area

For many individuals in Phoenix who are dealing with tooth loss, dental implants are the best solution. The popular tooth restoration option is secure, long-lasting and completely natural-looking. For individuals missing all teeth within an arch, we may recommend hybrid dental implants. The solution is a mixture of dental implants and conventional dentures, allowing patients to have full restoration in just a few easy steps.

The importance of replacing missing teeth

All teeth within the arch play an important role in helping you speak clearly and chew your food. Each tooth is also important to your oral structure and neighboring teeth. When one or more teeth are missing, it can shift the bite pressure to remaining teeth. Over time, teeth may shift into open spaces, leading to further problems. Additionally, when a tooth is missing, the bone that surrounded the tooth root will begin to deteriorate and impact the support structure for remaining teeth. Dental implants replace the missing root in the jawbone, making them the most stable and permanent tooth restoration option available.

What are Hybrid Dental Implants?

With standard implants, a titanium post is inserted into the jawbone and then completed with a permanent crown to replace a missing tooth. This one to one ratio is repeated for each missing tooth. With hybrid dental implants, a few strategically placed implants are used to support or secure dentures. Hybrid dental implants are preferred over traditional dentures because they stay in place better and allow patients to chew more naturally.

Before and After Results


Implant Before 05


Implant Before 06


Implant After 05

Types of Hybrid Implants

Implant-Retained Dentures

In this scenario, the dental implants are placed into the jawbone and a denture is attached. Implant-retained dentures typically require anywhere from four to eight implants. While the implants work effectively to hold the dentures in place, they do not support the entire weight of the appliance. Candidates for implant-retained dentures will need to have adequate soft tissue and bone structure to support this restoration.

Implant-Supported Dentures

In this scenario, approximately eight to ten implants are placed into the jawbone and then attached to metal bar or sockets which will hold the dentures securely in place. These dentures are more stable than implant-retained dentures, however they are not removable. Patients with implant-supported dentures can enjoy all types of foods, even ones that are difficult to chew.

All-on-4 Dental Implants

In this scenario, patients will receive a full arch denture supported by only four dental implants. The temporary dentures are placed right away without the need for grafting. This is because the implants in the back of the mouth are placed at an angle rather than straight into the jawbone. All on 4 dental implants are an excellent option for patients who have less than ideal jawbone quality.

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Schedule a consultation to find out which hybrid dental implant option is right for you?

If you are missing teeth, the team at Life Smiles Dental Care in Phoenix, AZ wants to help you enjoy are fully restored smile. When you schedule a consultation, we’ll discuss the different options for hybrid dental implants to determine which solution is best for you. Once a treatment option is agreed upon, the team will get started restoring your smile. Give us a call today at (602) 786-5484 to book your appointment.

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